Lorelai’s first Easter

tmp_14852-IMG_20150405_131517661804155tmp_14852-IMG_20150405_210706-1332728227tmp_14852-IMG_20150405_210926-237596649Lorelai’s first Easter was a happy, and proud day for me and Ross. Having a child really makes holidays more special, with family gathered around and all so excited about the new baby. Unlike me, Lorelai isn’t really into shoes and hair accessories yet. She cried when they were on, so the more happy pictures of the day are noticeably shoe-less. Once I removed the shoes, Lorelai had a wonderful first Easter!

Lorelai’s photoshoot | part II

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6 weeks postpartum | And how to stay fit when you can’t even remember what sleep is


This is my tummy, today. Two days shy of 6 weeks postpartum. I’m more proud of this stomach than I’ve ever been, not because it looks the best it ever has… But, because it helped me deliver a beautiful baby into the world. And, I’ve yet to do one single crunch or sit-up. This is the benefit of going into pregnancy with a healthy body, staying active throughout, and, most importantly, eating a clean diet. Abs really are made in the kitchen.

So, since I’ve yet to get more than three consecutive hours of sleep at night, I’m really grateful for the work that I put in before and during pregnancy, and for clean, healthy food. It really is the answer, when you have very little time to workout. I am looking forward to training these abs again, and becoming a lean, fit, active woman again! This time, with a little, adorable baby along for the ride.

P.S. That dark line running down the center of my stomach is called linea nigra. It comes with pregnancy, sometimes, and usually fades within a few months. Also, do you love my crying baby accessory?





blue gingham

IMG_3512 IMG_3519 IMG_3523 IMG_3529Outfit Details: <similar> Top // Skirt // Pumps // Necklace <exact> Sunglasses

I’ve had a lot of fun revisiting my closet, post-pregnancy. Everything doesn’t fit exactly the same way, and I actually like the way some of my skirts hug my curves, better than before. But just to have the option to grab almost anything I own, throw it on, and go… that’s a luxury that I will never again take for granted. For spring, you can’t beat a polished pencil skirt with a gingham top. Paired with a fun pump in a similar hue, it’s a chic, but effortless look.

Welcome baby Lorelai!

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We welcomed the sweetest, most beautiful little girl into our family on February 11, 2015. The past two weeks have been a complete blur, but full of baby kisses, sweet moments getting to know each other, that wonderful newborn smell, and just generally all things gushy and sweet. We’re so grateful to have this healthy, perfect baby girl. We never saw a love like this coming!