sun hat

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Skirt: Thrifted (similar) // Top: Jones New York // Pumps: Daily Look // Hat: c/o Fancy Details Boutique // Sunglasses: House of Harlow

Even though it was freezing last night, I’m excited about the Spring weather on the horizon. This weekend and next week look very promising, and I’m looking forward to skirts, short sleeves, and sandals. I’m ready with all the pastels, and lace, and spring fabrics you could want. Today was seriously so beautiful. Spring has been slowly inching out fall for my favorite season, as I get older. I think there’s something so wonderful about watching everything come alive again. All the trees and flowers start to bloom, all the birds are chirping, and everyone wants to get outside and enjoy the warmth.


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Skirt: similar – J.Crew // Top: also love this one // Pumps: similar – Asos

So, here’s a shocker for you. A blogger talking about how much she loves a skirt that she picked out, purchased, and is wearing proudly in outfit pictures. I picked this skirt up on clearance (as with most my items, let’s be honest) over this past winter, and I’ve been waiting (not so) patiently on the Spring weather so I can finally wear it. It’s so delicate and girly…. I expect to get a lot of use out of it this Spring, so be prepared to see it on repeat, remixed with different pieces. Last Spring, I was obsessed with mint and coral, but I can already tell this Spring, I’m leaning more toward lilac and peach.

denim + black

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Top: Jones New York // Skirt: Rock & Republic (old – also love this one) // Pumps: Daily Look

Sometimes, taking outfit pictures is kind of like real life. Having pictures of my looks has really made an impact on lots of different areas of my beauty and style routines. Looking in a mirror isn’t the same as seeing the look in pictures. Sometimes, proportions can get all weird, or you’re just wearing the wrong shoes, or the addition of one piece of jewelry would completely make the outfit. And, for me, I sometimes wouldn’t have known without photos to review. Sadly, I’ve had outfit photos that never got posted to the blog. I like the outfit in real life, but it just doesn’t translate well on camera. So, by, “taking outfit pictures is kind of like real life”, I guess I mean, that in real life sometimes you wear a dumb outfit and don’t realize it looks completely wrong until later, after you’ve worn it. Hindsight is 20/20 and so are blog pictures.

yellow tweed


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Jacket: Loft (old) // Jeans: Target // Pumps: Nine West

One of my favorite unexpected combinations is a tweed blazer over a t-shirt and jeans. Add some flirty heels and it’s just so right. Lately I’ve been realizing that the way I  ‘dress for the season’ depends solely on color and print. Tweed jackets and blue jeans work in spring if they’re yellow… or paired with d’orsay pumps with metallic details. At least that’s what I tell myself. I’m not worried that I’ll be hot just because I’m wearing a jacket and maybe it’s almost 80 degrees outside. In fact, somehow I seem to always be wearing more clothes in the Spring than I am in the fall. But, you guys know by now that I’m all for dressing however you want. If you feel like wearing burgundy leggings in the middle of spring, do it girl.

a note about comparison and encouragement


I came across this quote that Kendi (Kendi Everyday) pinned on Pinterest this morning. Quotes like this resonate with me as a style blogger, but mainly, as a woman. In this day in age, when everyone’s life is on display on the internet, there is more temptation to “check out the competition” than ever before. If a girl doesn’t have her own blog or youtube channel, she’s sure to have a facebook, pinterest account, tumblr, instagram, vine, or any other social media outlet that pops up. It’s easy to see what everyone’s purchasing now, what’s trending, what hot new item you neeeeeed, or just how miserably you’ve failed at being “relevant”.

When I’m scrolling through Pinterest, the dialogue running through my head goes something like this:

“Oh look at her hair! Wow, my hair will never be that long.

Wait, this girl has a cute short bob! Maybe I need to get mine cut…

But, aren’t we trying to grow our hair out?! Yes, I’ll keep growing it. I need some of that ‘Long and Strong’ shampoo.

Ooooo, This girl has painted tiny little cows on each of her finger nails….. I can’t even be bothered to paint my finger nails a solid color.

I need more nail polish. And finger nail painting tools. I wonder how late Ulta is open.

This girl has her entire outfit monogrammed! I only have a few bags and hats. Man, I need to get on it.

Look at the wreath this woman made for her front door. She’s the most crafty person in the world. My front door is currently wreath-less. I lose.

uggggh. All the fishtail braids! I can barely do a normal braid. What do these people expect of me!?

Wow, her winged eyeliner is perfectly even on both sides and her eyebrows look like Barbie’s. One of the wings of my eyeliner is always way longer than the other. How do they do that?

That girl is wearing the tallest Louboutins in the world. I couldn’t even stand in those, not to mention affording them.

Okay now that I have all of this ‘inspiration’, I need to get off Pinterest and do something productive….”

There’s more, but you get the idea. Of course I’m embellishing there for effect. Don’t get me wrong, I think Pinterest and Blogs and social media can be amazing tools for inspiration. I’ve made a lot of things for my home and learned a lot about makeup, hair, and style since I joined Pinterest. I love it, and I use it for that purpose – inspiration. And encouragement. But, I feel so many times, social media gets used negatively. Instead of being encouraged and using what we do have to create something beautiful or make something better, we start comparing ourselves to everyone and thinking of the things we don’t have or the ways we’re not perfect. I love this quote, (that I found on Pinterest – of course):

“The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have.”

I’ll never have (nor want) 12 pairs of Louboutin shoes and the best and latest designer clothing. I’m perfectly happy using my thrift store finds and affordable clothes to create fashionable looks that are both on-trend and timeless. I’m not the youngest, or the tallest, or the most skinny blogger. My house doesn’t have marble floors and a water fountain and spiral stair cases in the entryway. I haven’t even painted my nails once in the last 6 months. But, you know what I do have. I’m me. I don’t try to be exactly like every other girl I see. I couldn’t be if I tried, and thank God. We all bring our own unique ideas and experiences to the table. We shouldn’t try to perfectly emulate someone else, but instead draw inspiration from those we admire – to create a better version of ourselves.

xo, Jess