military jacket + duck boots

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Boots: similar // Jeans: Target (maternity) // Top: similar // Jacket: similar

Duck boots make for some of the most unflattering, antithesis of what they teach you on “What Not to Wear”, footwear on the planet. Chopping you off at the mid-calf and making you look like you’re standing in a bucket, and such. Still, they’re somehow completely adorable, and you can’t achieve the outdoorsy, “I’m a southern girl in the fall” look, without them.

Baby Lorelai is making a major appearance in all of my blog photos these days, whether I try to include her, or not. She’s already a camera hog. ;) I don’t mind though. Being pregnant has been more fun than I thought it would be, as far as dressing myself and still feeling lady-like. That said, we’re starting to really long for Lorelai’s arrival. We have a nursery to complete, and a house to get in order, after just moving…… but after that, we’re ready! :)

it’s a….

gender reveal


And, we couldn’t be more excited!

tonal patterns


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Pumps: Sam & Libby// Pants: similar // Sweater: Forever 21 //  Tunic: similar // Bag: Lauren Ralph Lauren // Hat: similar // Necklace: similar

 I love the look of coated denim with a chunky knit sweater in the fall. Coated denim or faux leather pants seemed intimidating when I first started seeing the trend. I thought, “shiny legs? Better not..”. But, it’s actually a great way to introduce texture and add interest to an otherwise simple outfit. Coated denim, black heels, and a chambray top? So much more interesting and on-trend than with regular jeans.

In other news, we found out the gender of our little baby last week! We’re thrilled, and I can’t wait to do an announcement post on the blog (soon!) Be on the lookout for our gender reveal.

buffalo plaid | outdoorsy fall look

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Vest: similar, Jeans: Target, Top: similar, Boots: similar, Bag: similar 

I’m so happy I tried on a few of my maternity tops the other day. A few weeks ago, they still looked pretty weird on my kind of lumpy bump (it’s lumpy because of previously having strong abs, so I’m not complaining – but it does look kind of weird from some angles… ). I feel like just in the last few days, I’ve gotten to a point where maternity tops really accentuate everything in the right way, and I’m excited to wear the few actual maternity items I’ve bought. I’m really leaning towards vests this fall. I’ve got several in the backlog for future outfits, and it’s great because I’ll be able to wear them with maternity clothes, and after the baby’s born as well.

We find out the gender of our baby in one week!!

We’re so excited to finally have a little hint at who this baby is going to be. I’m not sure how we’ll announce the gender yet, but I will be sure to let everyone know, one way or another. Either way, I’ve got a pinterest board full of little baby and toddler outfits, and I’m ready to make this baby look adorable. ;)

The Journey: My efforts toward a healthy pregnancy

 pregnancy collage


At 5 months pregnant, (the halfway point – yay!), I had hoped I would chronicle my pregnancy a little more closely on the blog. Unfortunately, the (sometimes) overwhelming exhaustion from early pregnancy, combined with moving houses, has really taken its toll on my best efforts and love of blogging. I’ve been so happy to get back to a little blogging, here and there, recently, and I can’t wait to introduce you all to the new little member of our family, come February.

So, let’s talk a little about these past five months. I’ll start off by saying that we planned to start trying to get pregnant, so I knew it could happen beforehand, and had time to tweak my diet and exercise regime as needed. I added in more vigorous abdominal and back exercises, since I knew I’d be training my abdomen less during pregnancy, and I’d need those wonderful back muscles to support my increasing weight. I also tried to add in more vegetables into my diet, especially those I knew to increase fertility. I’m so so so glad I did all of this. I think it’s been the key to the health of my pregnancy, so far.

I know every pregnancy is different, but my own experience has been that the first trimester of pregnancy was quite a bit more exhausting than I honestly expected. I’ll shoot you straight – I kind of thought everyone exaggerated the extreme tiredness, but no – for me, that one was entirely true. But, here’s the reason I believe I was so exhausted: I was used to eating a certain way, and exercising a certain way, every day/ every week. During the first three months of my pregnancy, I had terrible food aversions, so I was unable to stick to my eating plan… in fact, I was unable to eat much at all. I lost about six pounds, and I felt like I was starving all the time. Luckily, I’ve regained that weight, plus a few pounds, and my doctor is pleased with my weight-gain at this point.

I’ve kept up with walking, jogging on the elliptical, body weight exercises, and light-weight/ low-resistance exercises, exactly as I used to train before. In the beginning, of course, a lot less frequently, but I’m happy to say that the past 8 weeks, I’ve had the energy to continue basically the same routine as pre-pregnancy (with just a few adjustments).

My diet has also been the same as pre-pregnancy, since my food aversions improved. It’s been a cyclical thing. I eat well, so I have more energy, so I workout with the same intensity, which gives me even more energy. I’m grateful for a healthy pregnancy so far, and I plan to do everything within my control to keep it up.