It’s fall on my instagram

Oh my gosh, Fall. Apparently every other blogger in the world is obsessed with Fall, too. I’ve seen so many beautiful pictures of red and orange trees, from all over…. which makes it sweet to realize that just right where I am, in my little town in the south, I have such a beautiful display of this season all around me. We drove over to my parents’ house yesterday evening, and even though it’s not a very far ride, it was a beautiful, colorful, happy ride. I’m giddy every time I’m in the car. :) We are the happiest little family over here. Thoroughly enjoying every moment.

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plaid and pumpkins

Top: T.J. Maxx, Scarf: c/o Fancy Details Boutique, Boots: similar

Plaid and a chunky knit scarf – my pumpkin paintin’ outfit. It was a day of football, pumpkins, and painting the pumpkins. We also fixed a water facet, and bought a few groceries, but those weren’t among the exciting things. That tree is in our backyard! There are three of them… and I LOVE them! They are all blazing red right now and I’m just enamored with them; such a huge beautiful symbol of fall right out our back door. Of course, I added a little turquoise to our pumpkins. What are painted pumpkins without a little whimsy, anyway? :)

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Last weekend, Ross made strawberry preserves. He has discovered canning lately, and wants to make everything that you could possibly store in a can. I think banana peppers are next. ;) I’m thoroughly enjoying the cooler fall weather. Boots and scarves are all pulled out, dusted off, and happy to spend their time in the sun. I dyed my hair a bit darker for fall (don’t worry mom. It’s not permanent – she likes my hair lighter). And, I’m teaching Bailey and Angus how to be stylish little doggies. I think Bailey looks great in my baubles. :)

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sparkles + scarves

Sweater: kind of similar, Leggings: similar, Boots: Similar

We went to my little cousin’s cheerleading competition on Saturday, and then headed to a kind of Fall festival, afterwords. I had the cutest little outfit to wear in the school colors for the cheerleading competition, and then it was too cold to be walking around outside in that outfit, so. Mint it was. ;) My trusty stand-by. The cheerleading competition was a great time – I used to cheer, so it’s always nostalgic seeing all the girls in their uniforms with their huge bows on top of their heads and their over-the-top stage make-up. Ross pointed out how young the girls look now, compared to back then when he was dating me. And, we decided that without the cheerleaders, high school would not be the same. They bring the school spirit, whether you like it or not! haha Oh, I love it!

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cool & cloudy

Top: similar, pumps: similar, Skirt: T.J. Maxx (clearance for $3.00)

I was so excited to find this cute little skirt (that just fit perfectly) for $3.00 in the clearance section at T.J. Maxx. It is a great length, and the detail at the zipper gives great visual interest – I mean I’m wearing all black, otherwise (again!). I guess I was ready for the darker fall and winter colors. The weather definitely cooperated so that I could wear my black tights and heels; the high today was around 68 degrees. Perfect.

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