floral pants + mint pumps

IMG_1426 IMG_1419 IMG_1434 IMG_1428 IMG_1418

Pants: LC Lauren Conrad (old – similar here) // Top: T.J. Maxx (similar) // Blazer: Thrifted // Bag: Lauren Ralph Lauren // Pumps: old, also love these

I bought these pants on sale last winter, and I was pretty excited about the pale floral print. Interestingly enough, the opportunity to wear minty-yellow pale floral pants just doesn’t come around so often in my life. I think this is the third time I’ve worn them, since. To be honest, I knew this when I bought them. As excited as I was that they were the cutest trendy piece ever (and on sale, even!), I knew in the back of my mind that I’d hardly get any use out of them. I guess the lesson here is to stick to what works. While I don’t regret purchasing these pants (only because of the sale – they were pretty inexpensive, though I don’t remember exactly how much), I would have regrets if I had paid full price for these babies.

What works for me is to keep most of my pieces classic and elegant, and not too trendy. And, the trendy pieces I do buy are usually accessories… or they’re on sale or inexpensive. That way, you have a wardrobe on rotation that never goes out of style, and you can just make updates and stay on-trend without the huge hit to your wallet. As an aside, that’s how I think about home décor as well. Keep the expensive items classic and understated, then accessorize with little trendy items that can be easily interchanged.

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blue on blue

IMG_1335 IMG_1327 IMG_1333 IMG_1339

Skirt: J. Crew, Top: J. Crew Factory, Necklace: (old) also love this one, Clutch: c/o Fancy Details, Pumps: BCBG

I have this weird eyebrow obsession. It started a few years ago when my husband tried to convince me I was over-plucking my eyebrows. I definitely was. But, at the time, it hurt my feelings that he’d notice and say something. So, I was in some sort of way-too-thin-eyebrow denial. Over time, I stopped plucking them for a while and let them grow back, and you know what! I like having eyebrows. Really really full eyebrows that I barely have to pluck anymore. It’s awesome. And people tell me I have pretty eyebrows now. (Probably because they just exist now, and they look real… ) I think the over-plucking eyebrow obsession is some sort of stupid marketing scheme to sell tweezers, or something. Today, I want to encourage you to stop with the plucking nonsense. I mean, keep plucking the unibrow, and the few stray hairs way outside of the brow line…. but then, stop. Put down the tweezers, and walk away. You will grow yourself some nice, full, youthful brows, and you will thank me.

Also: More monochromatic. Can’t stop.

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Rosegal + Lavender

IMG_1398 IMG_1391 IMG_1385 IMG_1371

Necklace: c/o Rosegal, Top: Talbots (old), Button up: T.J. Maxx, Pants: DIY, Pumps: here, Clutch: c/o Fancy Details Boutique

I love this necklace from Rosegal. I’d been wanting something like this for a while, but never could find the perfect piece in my price range. Rosegal has such pretty and unique pieces – with the perfect price tags! This necklace is heavy, and pretty, and feels (and looks) like such a quality piece. For the price, you can’t beat it.

I have been on the monochromatic train for the past few weeks. It’s the only way I want to wear my clothes. So. You’ve been warned, and there should be quite a few more coming on the blog.

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blue + green.

IMG_1054 IMG_1055 IMG_1049

Blazer: thrifted (similar – J. Crew), Jeans: Similar, Top: Express, Pumps: BCBG, Clutch: c/o Fancy Details Boutique

Happy Spring, everyone!!

Today, I am starting on some spring cleaning. I spent a few hours this afternoon cleaning out about a million pounds of dog fur and dust from our vacuum cleaner. Sounds awful, and it was pretty gross, but I’m a happy girl because I thought we might need to buy a new vacuum. Not exactly what I wanted to spend my money on. So, now, our old vacuum is up and running again, the house is looking super clean, and I don’t have to waste money on something boring. Win.

It’s such a beautiful day to welcome Spring! Ah Mah Gah. I can’t get enough of weather like this. I’m going to try and convince Ross to go on a walk when he gets home. I plan to be spending the entire Spring season outside… you know, before it starts hitting 100 degrees on the regular.

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IMG_1200My handsome husband and adorable little sister agreed to humor me and help me create these 1940’s inspired pictures. My sister, Lauren, is getting pretty dang snazzy behind the camera. (She has taken all my outfit post pictures since I began blogging again in January, and she took these photos, too.) Themed shoots are so fun for me. I love costume makeup and dramatic jewelry… and obviously, the clothes. My husband and sister are so great at helping me achieve the look I’m going for. Lauren is great at helping me find good angles and lighting, and Ross is always patient and willing to try something new for me.

Beyond stylized photoshoots, my husband is my rock and my sister is my encourager. I really don’t know what I’d do or how I’d get by in life without these two. They have always been there for me, no matter what’s going on, and they’re the two people who bring me the most comfort in life. I hope they always know how grateful I am for them.

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