double denim

IMG_2231IMG_2248IMG_2229IMG_2243 Top: Jones New York // Jeans: Max Studio (TJ Maxx) // Clutch: similar // Blazer: similar // Necklace: c/o Rosegal // Pumps: Target // Sunglasses: House of Harlow

Not that it’s news to you, but it’s been (unbeknownst to me), my own personal goal to see just how many ways I can remix a few of these chambray/denim tops I have. They’re practically the same exact top, and I just keep grabbing whichever one is clean and wearing it with…. everything. See, I read somewhere, as a style tip, to choose which items in your closet you wear the most, and get a few more of those. ‘Cause, clearly you love them, and clearly, you could use more of them. More is more. But, I don’t know if they foresaw me wearing what looked like the same top See the problem?

Ironically, I was (jokingly) making fun of my husband for the exact same thing recently. He has his favorite shirts… and he weeeaarrrsss them. You know? Like – oh my gosh, I used to like that shirt, now I’m not even sure anymore – wears them. Then, I scroll around a little on my blog and find I’ve been doing the exact same thing. (Actually, I realized this when every single one of my profile pictures on facebook for the last while has been of me in one of my beloved chambray tops.) People probably wonder if I own other tops. I know you thought the point of a style blog was to wear different outfits and pieces of clothing. Looks like it’s actually to wear the same top every day and try to photograph it from a different angle, holding a different clutch.

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IMG_2181 IMG_2175 IMG_2173 IMG_2152 IMG_2182Top: Old Navy (old) //Skirt: Jones New York (I dyed it this color – Similar here) // Pumps: Daily Look  // Sunglasses: Cole Haan // Necklace: similar

There is so much going on in our lives right now; It’s a whirlwind coming in from every direction. But It’s not all bad – quite a bit of it is very very good. Next week, Ross and I will celebrate five years as a married couple. Five. Whole. Years. It barely seems possible. But, I can look back on big events of each year of our marriage – remembering the wonderful times, laughing for hours together (of which there are many), and the difficult times too, where there have been tears – and I realize that yes, it has been five full years of a beautiful marriage. And, I hope God blesses us with many many more years. I do feel like this is only the beginning. Learning to walk in life and grow as a married couple has been the most seemingly insurmountable task, some days. It’s hard to imagine taking two imperfect, and sometimes selfish people, trying to combine their lives, and come out with something good. But by God’s grace, that’s what seems to be happening. An earthly picture of Christ and the church. Marriage is a wonderful thing.

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pale pink.

IMG_2104 IMG_2123 IMG_2135 IMG_2094 IMG_2142 IMG_2115Top: Express (old) // Clutch: c/o Fancy Details Boutique // Pumps: Target (similar) //Skirt: Thrifted (similar – Dorothy Perkins) // Sunglasses: Cole Haan

I thrifted this skirt while we were at the beach the other week, and I’m so so glad I found it. I’ve been looking for a little spring midi skirt, and this one was in perfect condition, with the tags still on.

Midi skirts are one of those fashion trends (very much like skinny jeans), that I rebelled against at first, and then realized it actually really works for me. When it works for your figure and it’s on trend, I say why fight it? Midi skirts are pretty much my favorite closet staple as of late, and I’m glad I finally got in on this fun (and modest) trend.

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IMG_1971 IMG_2001 IMG_1994 IMG_1978

Wedges: Guess (also love these)  // Skirt: very similar // Top: T.J. Maxx  // Bag: Lauren Ralph Lauren  // Sunglasses: Cole Haan // Earrings: borrowed

We got in last night from our whirlwind trip to Surfside Beach, and I had such a great time. This is one of the (many, many) outfits I packed. Of course, I didn’t end up wearing half of what I brought with me (as usual? yes.), and wondered why I brought forty-seven luggage bags, when I only used about a third of what I packed. Happens every time.

And, as a follow-up to the semi-rant in my last post, here’s a nice big bright smile! Here’s to never taking yourself too seriously.

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