a life with substance, and a blog without

When I started a life and style blog, I hadn’t thought about the implications it would have on my real life. Cause, let’s face it – whether or not it’s just an “outfit” post, you are putting a piece of your real life up on the internet for whoever to see. I’ve been thinking about the environment I foster on this blog… Which makes me think about the environment I foster in real life. I never meant for this blog to develop envy, greed, or superficial and materialistic desires for anyone. I just thought about it as a fun way to express my personal and colorful, kinda quirky, style. Unfortunately, when you mainly end up blogging about outfits, that’s the only side of you that anyone knows about through your blog. In real life, I try to foster an environment of beauty and celebration of love. That spills over into my wardrobe, yes, but it’s not derived from it. (In fact, I rarely get to wear most of my wardrobe, being a personal trainer.)  The view that I have on my life and the world comes from God’s word. Creating beauty, celebrating love, a life full of happiness and the expression of joy – these are what we strive for – being made in the image of God. Even though this is a fallen world, we strive to make it better – more lovely, more pure, more honest. That’s where my happiness comes from. That’s where my love comes from. As I’ve been thinking about what this means for my blog – I’ve been seeking what God wants from me, even with blogging. And I keep hearing “Do everything to glorify Me”. I don’t know what a life and style blog that glorifies God looks like – I may never know. If I can figure that out, I will be back. But if I can’t, I must say “goodbye” to blogging.

P.S. The picture is of bluebird in our back yard. We have bluebirds, cardinals, robins, doves and finches that regularly use our bird bath and eat out of our feeders. :)

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  1. Hey, there! I’ve been reading and admiring your blog for a while and I want to encourage you and say that I think you have done a wonderful job not making it about you. In posts, you never fail to include your hubby, or you fam and friends and cute little updates. I think you are not being vain at all. You just have something you love and wanted to share it with the world – beauty should be shared, so thank you for that!

    However, if you are concerned about seeming self-centered, I have a couple suggestions for yah if you’re willing to read them :) 1) you could always take pics of the outfits by themselves rather than on you or on someone else who’s willing to model. 2) You could offer guest-posting, creating a more open environment for others to share their creativity and style. 3) Include Bible verses and/or a little article about what God’s been teaching you in posts.

    Anyways, I just wanted to help lift your spirits a little because in the blog world, there can be lots of cruelty, especially in the fashion area. Don’t give up! I believe that Jesus can use you in great ways! You were made to fill a purpose and I believe that by writing this blog, you can do just that. You are bringing honor to HIM by the way you shine.

    You are beautiful and God is using you. Don’t give up <3
    Mary Kate :)

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