6 things I’ve learned about friendship through the years


I feel like I’m not alone in saying that friendships can be more tricky than a husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. With your spouse, you expect to deal with real stuff, and you’re sort of braced for the hard times, when they come. There could be illness, infertility, deaths in the family, pregnancies, difficult children, job loss, and a whole myriad of other potential trials that your marriage is expected to withstand. And, you’ve promised to stick with each other through all of these things. But the hard times are different for a friend. They didn’t stand before God and all your friends and family and promise to be with you through it all. But, every now and then, you get a friend in life who does just that, even still. Those are the rare friendships that you can’t take for granted. You’re blessed if you have one. I’ve learned a few lessons about friendships as I’ve gotten older. Here are just some of the things I’ve learned.

1. The real, gritty, bitter stuff in life is what will bring you closer. Don’t hide your real feelings, fears, failures, and weaknesses from your friend. She may be struggling in a similar (or completely different) way, but, most likely, she’ll be glad you feel comfortable enough to open up to her about the tough things you’re going through.

2. Let them know that you want to be around them. It’s easy to let life get in the way, and, before you know it, weeks have gone by, and you haven’t spent any time together. Tell them you want to spend time together, even if you’re sitting on an unswept floor with a baby crawling all over you while you talk.


3. Overlook her flaws, sometimes. Nobody’s perfect, but if you can accept your friend, imperfections and all, your friendship will benefit from the feeling of acceptance.

4. Share commom interests. Aside from blogging and thrifty fashion, Candace and I share common interests in church, event planning, fantasy, and television shows and movies. We have interests that don’t overlap, for sure, but we try to play into each others’ interests to keep our friendship strong.


5. It doesn’t always have to be some grand experience. In the past, I’ve missed out on spending time with friends, because I thought there needed to be some great, entertaining experience to hold their interest. The truth is, creating experiences is fun, but a real friend will want to be with you, even when all you can offer is you… Just plain ‘ol you, with dirty hair and unpolished nails.

6. Just be there. She doesn’t necessarily need you to fix her problems, or figure out her life for her. Sometimes, just being there, with a glass of wine and an ear to listen, is just what she needs.


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High heels and high tea


We hosted our very own high tea on Saturday. What a fun day it was.. preparing all our dainty foods, and choosing our favorite teas and a pretty, girly rose wine, decorating the lawn in the most whimsical and feminine way. Not to mention, fashioning our own fascinators and choosing the perfect dresses for an outdoor Spring high tea. Candace and I enjoyed it so much, we hope to plan a similar event every month. Now to dream up something just as fun for next time!

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Instagram lately | Jessica

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Just a few snapshots from my Instagram lately. I’ve changed my Instagram name to jessicabroyles, and have been more diligent about posting in the last few weeks. If you’re interested in following along, find me! I’d love to have you.


Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great Wednesday!

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style tips to keep you in budget

1. Nobody knows what you don’t have.    It’s easy to start focusing on what your wardrobe is missing, rather than what you have. And that kind of thinking can easily lead you to over-purchase. I know – I’ve been there. The thing is… You only have one body. You can only wear one skirt at a time, one pair of shoes at a time. The things you don’t have are really more pronounced in your own head than in your daily wardrobe. Focusing on what you do have allows you to be creative within the parameters of your closet, and of your budget.


2. Remix.   Wearing something just once is not an option, in my book. Remix your pieces with different colors, patterns, and textures to create an entirely different look out of the same piece.


3. Create your own go-to look.   While my personal style doesn’t exactly fit into one clothing genre, I do have a “look”, and my favorite items are usually bright, feminine, and tailored. I know what generally looks good on me, and pieces that fall into those categories typically catch my eye while shopping. This makes your choices a lot easier, especially these days, when it seems the options are endless. Speaking of knowing what looks good on me….


4. It’s important to stay true to what looks and feels good on you.   While I don’t like to box myself in and label myself a certain body-type, like calling myself a pear… It is good to recognize your shape, and dress yourself accordingly. That way, you not only look good, but you feel good in your clothes, as well. I’m on the short side, so skirts that cut me off at the calf aren’t my go-to, feel-good skirts. I’ve learned that skirts that hit me just above the knee elongate my legs and make me feel taller and leaner. That said…


5. Don’t be afraid to break your own rules once in a while.   I know that the skirts that hit me just above the knee are the best for my size, but I still hopped on the midi-skirt trend and tried a few out. You may have to play with proportions, but it’s possible to break the rules and still look great.


6. Go thrifting/shop clearance.   You don’t have to spend tons of money to dress yourself well. Invest in a few staple pieces to anchor your wardrobe (a quality handbag, a few nice button-ups, a couple pairs of unique and pretty shoes), and then throw in some fun things you found thrifting.


7. Don’t go overly trendy. Trends are just that: trendy. They don’t stick around for long. While I invest in trends occasionally (read: shoes), for the most part, I want my wardrobe to last. Invest in pieces that will stand the test of time. When a trend comes along that you really love, try it out. This is just for fun, anyway. But, trying every trend in fashion just isn’t a wise choice for your wallet.


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weddings and anniversaries

tmp_15167-IMG_20150530_032501-474418068tmp_15167-IMG_20150526_165227279151953 tmp_15167-IMG_20150526_170015-1994645643I always love attending weddings. It’s a great reminder of the commitment Ross and I have made to each other, and the covenant of our marriage before God. We also just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary together. I’m so grateful for this man I chose as my life partner. He’s such a wonderful husband, and I love getting to watch him grow into his role as father to Lorelai. We are two blessed girls.

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