ball cap.

IMG_0880 IMG_0871 IMG_0872Hat: c/o Fancy Details Boutique, Sweater: old (similar on clearance!), Jacket: love this one, Pumps: BCBG, Pants: old (similar)

My mom owns an embroidery shop, so we always joke that everything I own is monogrammed. While not everything¬†sports my initials, I have acquired quite a few monogrammed items over the past several years. I have three ball caps like this that I love. I feel like the opportunity to wear a ball cap should arise more, being a personal trainer and all, but surprisingly, I wear them less than you might think. Even still, I’m all for something that is both chic and functional. Ball caps, denim jackets, printed jeans – all things I can get behind.

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IMG_0748  IMG_0740IMG_0746

Booties: Target, Pants: old (very similar), Jacket: (Love this J. Crew one), Beanie: (similar)

When I told my husband I was doing this “non-girly” outfit, and described it to him…. he said “there are heels, it’s still girly”.¬† Okay, that may be true, but this is as tomboy as it gets around here. (Well, aside from the gym-rat clothes that I wear every day??) And when my sister took my pictures, she said I looked too cute, and I needed to look “tougher”. See, they don’t sell “tough” in a store. I thought I could just buy the look, but turns out, you also need the attitude behind your outfit to really rock it.

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purple + denim

Jacket: similar, Shirt: Express, Jeans: similar, Heels: Target (old)

I created my own clipless curling iron by removing the clip from a curling iron I already owned, but never used. Free curling wand! I thought it may work okay, but would be surprised if I could achieve anything close to what I had seen some people create with the clipless curling iron. It looked like magic. I’m really happy with these curls, and will definitely be recreating this hairstyle. I’ve been a DIY nut lately! Hmmmm…. what else can I ruin recreate?!

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Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: borrowed, Top and jacket: T.J. Maxx

Before you judge me too harshly for this outfit, you have to take a look here and here. Maxi skirts and buttoned up denim jackets can be done well. I had good intentions. Also, am I always inspired by the same bloggers? I think so.

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